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Filling my bookshelf with all things  and

Filling my bookshelf with all things and

Filling my bookshelf with all things #oculoplastics and thinking about how much I have to learn in the next 2 years! The last set of exams and then final exams must be coming up for lots of you! Plus, #step1 is around the corner for medical students. How are you conquering your #studygoals this spring? Let’s hear your best #studytips. Comment below or message me and I will post on my stories!


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  2. My number 1 study tip: bring a two litre bottle of water with me to my desk – that way I’m not procrastinating/making excuses by getting up and down to refill my bottle every two minutes ? also copious amounts of coffee and reminding myself of the end goal – what exactly I’m studying for and how this studying is going to help get me there! ??

  3. @medennial yes!! All the ☕️ !!!! And reminding yourself of the end goal is key ?!!

  4. You have more oculoplastics books than me! ?

  5. I have one simple question for appearing in step 1 , what is the minimal marks criteria should get in A_levels , or A_levels grades are not even important in filling step1 application (international student ) ,Thank you

  6. @cveyeplastics lol!! One of my mentors gave me a gigantic book collection- so nice of him!!

  7. the_hospital_app

    Dear Doctor could you check your Email please

  8. Do you believe that doctors are always student ?!

  9. My #studytip is The Pomodoro Technique ?. Helps keep you motivated and give you breaks when you have large chunks of studying to do. Brought to my attention by @tomfrankly from his YouTube channel College Info Geek! Now a 2nd year Optometry student and I’ve been doing it since undergrad (prepping for my OAT) to help me reach by #studygoals!

  10. caffeinewithkathleen

    Schedule in time for exercise and social time too. Grind all day long and then end it at the gym with my friends ?

  11. For me, it’s studying a certain amount of time for each class every single day. You don’t have to sit down as long each study session, if you’re consistently going over material every day.

  12. amber.nicole.neal

    I am in the thick of studying for step 1 – advice first aid, pathoma, sketchy micro and pharm and Uworld. Don’t spread yourself with too many resources – just learn a few well! Love you – been following your journey on YouTube since I was a sophomore in college now I am a second year medical student! So inspiring! Much love for you and your success ? thinking OBGYN is my path!

  13. Your collection is #goals! ?

  14. @_albertwm awesome tip!!

  15. aleksandra.stanisavac

    Best tip is to start early and be realistic! I used to set goals that were too high for the amount of time I had and it would just end up in me doing nothing and being stressed haha

  16. @ali_mohammed899 I do:)

  17. Dream shelf right there!!!

  18. My advice would be: don’t push yourself too far when you see you’re not retaining the material. 2 hours of unbroken focus is better than 6 hours of on and off studying with internet and other distractions ? Also, would be really glad if you could give us a list of your favorite medical textbooks, or books in general!

  19. @medennial cold water is better actually ?

  20. Haha you’re so silly ☺️☺️ love you can’t wait to see you soon ???

  21. Is that a Rolex ?

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  23. Stay focused, block quality time to study, and have a methodical plan. Finally, enjoy the ride and see as much as you can clinically to remember why you chose this path.

  24. I’m excited to be starting graduate school to become a WHNP in a few weeks! You’re a wonderful inspiration! In order to cement things in my brain I need to write them down so I really like making fun notes and going over them often!

  25. I think study environment is key. I learned that with lighter studying I like a little white noise like in cafes. With intense studying I need dead silence where even the shuffling of paper bothers me. So I plan appropriately ?

  26. I love your studying YouTube videos – they have been so helpful! Did you have any studying techniques that you specifically used for Anatomy?

  27. Recall and TONS of questions! ??

  28. I start with a cuppa and some nuts to snack on later. I make a plan for each session, key points I intend to know by the end (learning objectives). I then focus on these from text books (hard and e-copy) and summarise the key points. Then i do some Past questions at the end. I put my phone on flight mode and write any questions down I need to google for looking up later. At the end of the session I like to get moving. This is all in an ideal world where my focus and concentration is 100% on the study. #aspirations #focus #studygoals

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  30. @steviewanderer wow, thanks steviewonderer for the great study tips. #thanks

  31. @steviewanderer sounds like the ideal, efficient and effective study plan! Thanks so much for sharing!!

  32. @emz.joy tons of repetition and crying over my notes ?

  33. @fearlessmd_ yesssss!!! I am the same!!

  34. @ashleyeptodd same! I have to write things down!

  35. @austinfacedoc yes!! Connecting what you see in clinic with what you read is so helpful

  36. @sastiles I cannot wait!!!!! ????‍♀️??

  37. Flashcards on flashcards….studying till I memorize every.single.thing. And I can take them anywhere!

  38. Wait, that’s not Harry Potter

  39. glaucoma_axon_severance_theory

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