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Breast Augmentation Surgery - 3 Womens Story Part 1 of 6- Initial Consultation HD

New 2 pictures in 1

San Francisco | Marin and Sonoma County California – ★★★★★ Ratings: 4.74 -118 Reviews – Important information for women who desire breast augmentation or implant revision surgery or are thinking of having breasts augmentation. This six part video takes you through the lives of two women who have had multiple issues with their breast implants. These are their individual stories. The video includes the consultation, pre-operative appointment, surgical experience and all post-op visits over a six months period. This is a documentary that takes place in the San Francisco Bay Area and filmed in Marin County at the Marin Cosmetic Surgery Center. Call today – 415-898-4161. For the complete video go to https://www.breastrevisionsanfrancisco.com/ Call 415-898-4161 or visit https://www.dr-delgado.com to view many before and after pictures.
View all 6 video section here:
Breast Implant Revision
Part 1- Consultation- youtu.be/qSyKNDqQd6I
Part 2- Pre-Operative Exam- youtu.be/_tSdFoMcKP8
Part 3- The Surgery- youtu.be/X4T9SGAMYiM
Part 4- Post Op-Exams- youtu.be/d-ryvPnZPRk
Part 5- Follow-Up Exams- youtu.be/8SqDQQfY2GU
Part 6- Patient Impressions -Before & After Photos youtu.be/Ft19x6hBaCk
Breast Augmentation Surgery Videos:
Three Women Surgical Story
Segment 1 of 6- Consultation: youtu.be/OM18hCuQ7tE
Segment 2 of 6 – Breast Augmentation – Pre-Op Exam:
Segment 3 of 6 — Breast Augmentation — Surgery: youtube.com/watch?v=DHpnoQgTCJI
Segment 4 of 6 — Breast Augmentation — 1st Post-Op Exam: youtube.com/watch?v=t03HarA1gtQ
Segment 5 of 6 — Breast Augmentation – Follow-up Exams: youtube.com/watch?v=ubGazKNAotM
Segment 6 of 6 – Breast Augmentation — Final Thoughts Segment 1 of 6- Final Thoughts: youtu.be/OM18hCuQ7tE

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