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What do you with 7,000 pictures?

New pictures of you


Night before the wedding, feeling jittery yet excited, I checked the settings of my Nikon D700 and made sure that it is set in continuous shutter mode and fixed at maximum frames per second (7 fps). I likewise ensured that my monopod was tucked properly. Afterwards, I then played the music Breathe by Sia over and over so that I can visualize what are the shots I need to do. The music is more than 4 minutes long and with this photomotion thing, most likely I will take thousands of shots.

Then came the day. As I walked in Royale Tagaytay, I greeted Sheryl and introduced myself (most of our communication was just thru email). She and Arman will be my guinea pig 😉 couple for this type of medium. As the secondary photographer, I made sure that I didn’t get in the way of the main photographer. I carried a long telephoto lens set at maximum aperture to capture the ambient light. In photomotion, the frequency and the magnitude of the shots will definitely be too much for any dedicated flash so flash photography is definitely out. During the preparation alone I took more than 2,000 images already.

Then came the ceremony. As you will see in the output, I did a variety of shots. There were shots that I panned Caleruega while there was a sequence where I walked pass the bride — ala glidecam effect. Overall, I took more than 7,000 shots and stitched them together to make an engaging video. It was truly taxing. My index finger was almost numb by the time we were editing. It was not perfect yet since this is our first wedding photomotion but I am really happy with the overall output.

I can’t wait till the next event and I already have other things in mind to make it more pleasing to viewers.

Your comment, good or bad, is welcome so that we can further improve our style and output.


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